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Advertising Agencies in Bangalore

Looking for the best advertising agencies in Bangalore?

Where there is a product, there has to be a sale and where there is a good sale, a powerful campaign would lie behind its success. Magnitude is a new age ad agency that has a very different approach to creative’s and helps deliver outstanding creative’s that disrupt markets. No wonder, we have risen to the position of being the best advertising agencies in Bangalore.

At the heart of good marketing and advertising lies a foundation of research. We spend a lot of time on market research, competitor analysis and so on. The modern customer is very different and the factors that drive buying decisions have also changed. Our research includes demographics, climatic conditions, social & economic pressures, needs and more.

Our focus on research helps us craft campaigns that are not just creative but hard-hitting. Campaigns that have the cutting edge when it comes to breaking the clutter as there are any number of me-too ads doing the rounds. They also connect very well with customer aspirations and this is where the big success lies.

The best part of Magnitude is that this is a one-stop ad agency in Bangalore. Whether it’s a logo, office stationery or a full-fledged campaign, we have the infrastructure and resources to pull it off successfully.  We also have a talent division that has a wide selection of models too.

We have a large team of talented creative resources who can create magic when they brainstorm and come up with path –breaking ad campaigns. These campaigns have generated a great deal of leads and revenue for our customers and it’s this hook that keeps them coming back to us again and again. Giving us that tag of being the best advertising agencies in Bangalore.

We have on board talented creative heads, art directors, copywriters, graphic designers, digital media specialists. client servicing executives and more. Together, they work in harmony to create sheer customer delight.

A good infrastructure to support our resources is another factor that ranks us as the best advertising agencies in Bangalore.  We have invested not just in our resources but in good infrastructure too.  One of our strengths is our in-house studio. This helps us get product shots and model shots very cost-effectively. This provides the best value for money as clients get high quality, exclusive pictures at a price that’s not usually possible. These beautiful visuals transform the ad landscape.

The ultimate test of an ad agency is the results that ot delivers. Merely good creative’s alone will not set the market in fire, creatives backed by strong logic are what really make the cut. The Bangalore ad agency landscape is highly competitive and comprises regional, national and international players as well. Despite all this, it’s our commitment to the craft, the dedication to customer delight and the hard work that has kept us at the top of the heap. Indeed we are happy to have attained our position as the best advertising agencies in Bangalore.