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Model coordinators in Chennai

who are model coordinators? who are these modelling agencies? what is the role of a talent managing company?

The answer is all are the same. The main role of model coordinators in chennai or bangalore or anywhere would be to promote models/ actors and get them the right projects which fits them.

Magnitude is one of the best model coordinators in chennai and bangalore. With a database collection of over 3000 portfolios, the models/ actors are screened by right professionals from the industry with decades of experience.

Not all model coordinators in chennai and bangalore are well educated and understand the art of casting. Casting is often misunderstood and anybody who has a collection of few models/ actors can never become an model coordinator.

A casting director of a movie is also the model coordinator in south India at least and his role requires to understand the different roles played in the movie and accordingly fixes artists for its movies. The character sketch is shared by the director and its the role of the casting director to shortlist and filter the right talents needed for the different roles in the movie.

Down south, Model coordinators in chennai and bangalore are know to be people who have a collection of models and actors. When they are called, they show the collection they have and when the director likes a certain actor, he/ she is called in for an audition and screening process. Model co ordinators also help in reaching the mid level artists in the movies. The model coordinators in chennai are generally paid 25% of the remuneration paid to the actors fixed by the coordinator.

The model coordinator also makes sure that the artist/ model is briefed all the requirements of the movie and enables a smooth movie beginning. He also helps for collecting the payments of the actors/ models and is also there until the project is complete from agreement stage to audio launch sometimes.