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Modelling and acting are professions which absolutely dont require any degree or certification if you have the looks and the skills required. This profession can be lucrative if planned and followed it with the right plan and strategy.

Many young people think this is an easy Industry and just try to get it within out any prior information or planning. Thus end up with fake modelling agencies in bangalore and chennai and go no where.

Once you have decided that you want to follow your passion, please ensure that you prepare for it. Do a lot of home work and research about the industry you are going to deal with and the place you are in. Talk to friends and friends of friends who are in this industry. There are very few modelling agencies in bangalore which deal with you professionally and have the experience and knowledge to guide you rightly.

First things first. Deciding to enter into the glam industry really needs a load of guts and boldness to struggle and survive in this industry. Anybody and everybody can not become a star. It requires years of practice, learning and implementing. Many get carried away in the middle and face a lot of problems handling fame. This is exactly why you need a proper talent managing company or the top modelling agencies to guide you from the scratch.

Magnitude is one such agency. We identify the talent. Analyse them completely ensure that they know what they are dealing with and give them the right internal and external grooming that is required to launch themselves in the south Indian cinema industry.

Talent (or) Modelling agencies in Chennai or Bangalore are not well organised as in other countries and this Industry is one non organized industry. Very few professional players like Magnitude. We make sure that the talent ( model/ actor ) understand his/ her advantages, skills and roles they would fit in and make sure there a business road map drawn for them planning for them from the beginning and being there even during their 10th movie release. We do it all from managing their call sheets to organising their travel, enquiries, filtering and positioning the talent in the market as a brand.

This makes Magnitude the best modelling agency in bangalore for all reasons. We are totally different and we try a bit harder to make the difference in the market. Being one of the top modelling agency in chennai also means we are called as model coordinators in chennai and bangalore. We co ordinate activities and make sure it is safe and secure for the talents / models/ actors we represent.

With our offices in chennai, bangalore and coimbatore we are in the right places to make sure you have all the required information and knowledge about each industry in south indian cinema. You may be a raw talent and a fresher with jus pure passion, we would mould you and make a star outta you if you only are willing to give what it takes. This is what simply makes use the best modelling agency in bangalore and chennai.

No matter how good a product is, what really brings it to life is the model. A model associated with the brand gives the brand a special value.  The choice of the right model as a brand ambassador can elevate the status of the brand. Magnitude ranks among the top modelling agencies in Bangalore as it has helped many brands get the right choice of models.

 We have a large database of models and help you in casting right for your brand. For instance, of your brand offers high fashion, we identify models with chiseled features and the right kind of structure to carry off  those designs. Instead, if you are looking at a model to promote a brand of cooking oil in a commercial, we help you find a model who will slip into that role effortlessly. This expertise is what keeps us in the list of top modelling agencies in Bangalore.

Models at Magnitude are carefully handpicked. They go through a series of auditions and grooming sessions before they come on-board with us. This effectively ensures that only the very best are filtered and come through. We have a team of experts dram form the modeling and advertising world who are adept at spotting talent. They spot models with potential and help in grooming them. Whether you are looking for fresh models or experienced ones to carry your brand, we can offer you the right selection.

 Our experts help you save loads of time as we bring you only the best suited to your brand or film. We are proud to have launched the careers of many talented models and they have proved their mettle in ad campaigns that have worked wonders for the brands that they have worked for.

 We don’t just co-ordinate models, we also manage talent. We have models signed up with us and we provide them valuable advice on improving themselves besides selecting the right kind of work. We also have an in-house studio with accomplished photographers. They help aspiring models and actresses get their dream portfolios done. This integrated approach is one of the key reasons that we are looked up to as one of the top modelling agencies in Bangalore.

If you have been dreaming of becoming a model, the time to start is now. Reach Magnitude which is top modelling agencies in Bangalore and be sure that you will get the right break. If you are looking for models for your brand, let us know, we will make sure you get the right match.