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Advertising & Branding Solution

Advertising & Branding Solutions

Today’s advertising climate has changed. The time-tested rules are no longer the same. With advances in technology and dramatic lifestyle changes, consumer patterns too have changed shape. To make sense of this come to Magnitude, we’ll give you the best advertising and brand solutions in Chennai, Bangalore and anywhere else. We are a full service agency where you can enjoy all services right from creating a brand identity to unleashing powerful ad campaigns.

We have handled diverse clients in various sectors such as FMCG, Retail, Real Estate, Hospitality. Education, Entertainment to Corporates and put our unique stamp onto whatever we did. From small businesses to high end businesses, we have the confidence to deliver exemplary marketing and advertising strategies that work. We have delivered credible results and helped them gain a good market share.

Why Magnitude?

At Magnitude, we have the infrastructure and resources to provide you with all that you would expect from a full-service ad agency. Right from developing a logo, marketing collaterals to full-fledged ad campaigns, we create communication that shines.

Our greatest strength is our team who have over a decade of experience in leading media houses. With a 25 member strong team, we have all facilities in-house such as a photo studio, editing and design facility, digital marketing and research team.

The Target Group (TG) today has a completely different mind-set than it had earlier. Today, the TG has become more complex and a solid background of research is needed before embarking on any kind of ad campaign. Research includes analysing various demographics such as age, income, consumer behaviour, buying patterns, social and economic factors, media exposure and so much more. Our research team not only drills down into data but comes up with a great deal of analysis and results that tie in with achieving business goals.

Creative communication based on market understanding is not only persuasive but also helps in achieving high levels of conversion and strong brand-building. Our high skilled creative team dreams and innovates for you. Based on your brief, we come up with excellent creative’s that work their magic in the market. Our top-of-the-line advertising solutions in Chennai, Bangalore and across India help you reach your dreams.

We have a large database of models to suit diverse products. They are well-groomed and can promote the product perfectly. Our in-house photographers also work in perfect co-ordination with the models and get their look and the products right. Getting the visuals to speak is an art that involves conceptualising, crafting and shooting. From getting the lighting right to portraying the model and product perfectly, our photographers are pros. After all, good visuals are the attention grabbers.

You can enjoy end-to-end advertising and branding solutions under one umbrella. Our strengths make us rank among the best advertising agencies not just in Chennai and Bangalore but across India. We are growing at a rapid pace and hope to soon expand our footprint across the country.