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Magnitude excels amongst  the advertising agencies in Bangalore

Bangalore is known as India’s own Sillicon Valley and is the fourth largest IT cluster in the world! Most of the IT activity in Karnataka is concentrated here and it employs lakhs of people. IT has ensured that this city which was once known as a retirement paradise is now a bustling, cosmopolitan metropolis. It’s also home to many public sector giants. Retail too flourishes making this a very attractive destination for those starting advertising agencies in Bangalore.

Bangalore culture is a wonderful melting pot of diverse cultures and traditions.  When you look at the demographics of the population over 62% are immigrants making  this one of the most ethnically diverse cities. The traditional arts such as Carnatic music, Bharatnatyam and plays like Yakshagana, have a large following.  At the same time, you will find plenty of rock bands and jazz concerts happening.  The city is also known for its “pub culture” and dazzling nightlife. A unique confluence of the old and new.

The average Bangalorean is a vibrant person who is open to new experiences and products. One who has the money and the mind-set to enjoy the perks of what he or she earns by indulging themselves. This makes it a retail delight. Bangalore has many large shopping malls that stock Indian and international brands. This is another reason why advertising agencies in Bangalore are flourishing. Deep pockets make it a dream for marketers to reap huge profits.

Magnitude has managed to carve for itself a space among the advertising agencies in Bangalore. It has built a formidable reputation for creatives and campaigns that pack a punch and deliver results. The creative team comprises of hand-picked professionals who have worked for renowned advertising agencies in Bangalore and other cities. They are adept at understanding client needs and creating campaigns that entice their TG. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and Magnitude has under its belt a large host of successful ad campaigns that have reaped rich results for clients.

Magnitude has made a mark for itself in every sphere that it has entered into, in the advertising arena, be it print campaigns, videos, social media or events. What really makes it stand apart from other advertising agencies in Bangalore is the quality of the resources and their capacity to quickly deliver turnarounds to clients no matter how challenging it may appear to be. We also function as one-stop-creative-shop for advertising and promotions and this is what helps clients save time and effort. Getting everything done at a single point also ensures that campaigns are integrated and follow the same pattern ensuring that branding is upheld correctly.

One more advantage for Magnitude is that it has a whole load of modelling talent available at its fingertips. There is a whole line-up of models whose portfolios clients can look at and make their choice for their brands.  From ramp models to flaunt fashion brands, photo shoot models for any product to models who can act in TV commercials, the choice is wide. And what’s more, at Magnitude, we have a team who filters the aspiring models and gives you only the best. This saves you time and effort.

Another special feature at Magnitude is the in-house studio. This allows us to take amazing product shots and model shots for our campaigns. This also makes photography very affordable for brands. Unlike stock images that can be used by multiple brands, these exclusive pictures will create strong brand associations.

From planning the marketing strategy to creating custom concepts tailored to your brand, we can promise you the world!