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Modelling has always been something  that  many have been attracted to. Today, with globalisation and the introduction of many new brands, there is no dearth of demand for good models. There are many different kinds of models, ramp models, product models and even hand models. The modelling agencies in Bangalore offer aspiring models plenty of opportunities to work and grow. Magnitude stands tall among them and is not just hungry for good modelling talent, it also acts as a bridge between the model and client. It also helps its clients identify the right models.

The common misconception is that only young, tall, slim and attractive people can be models. While this is true in certain areas like ramp modelling, there are other areas where there are many opportunities. Ramp models are expected to showcase clothes or accessories and this really works  well with the tall, slim types. Modelling for TV commercials or print ads does not require such a stringent pattern. The modelling agencies in Bangalore have many exciting avenues for modelling in different kinds of media.

Magnitude stands apart among the modelling agencies in Bangalore and there are unique reasons behind this.  When a client comes to us, we do not just show them a selection of model photographs. We interact with them and help them select the right kind of model. After all, a model will be the face of the brand.

The normal procedure would be clients having to sift through hundreds of photographs to identify the right model to suit a role in a TV commercial or as the face of a brand in a print ad. We simplify this. We have an accomplished casting team who have had strong experience in the advertising and film industry and they do the initial selections. The shortlisted models are sent to the client to make a choice. This saves a great deal of time and effort for the client and this is what makes Magnitude, one of the best modelling agencies in Bangalore.

Models can be of any age, though ramp and fashion models are usually young, when it comes to TV commercials and print ads, usually a melange of people playing various characters is needed. There could be doctor roles, boss roles, parent roles and even grandparent roles. In addition to the lead character in TV commercials, there is also a supporting cast needed and therefor if modelling is your passion, age is no bar.

The advertising industry comprises our biggest clients but the film industry is also another area where we help directors find the perfect hero, heroine or any other character.

Do you think you are modelling material?

Modelling brings with it instant popularity, money and satisfaction. This is why it’s not just a much-sought after career but also one where the competition is every high. As an aspirant, what qualities do you need to have? You must be well-groomed, quick to grasp and versatile enough to slip into ay character as demanded. At Magnitude, there are opportunities plenty as we rank among the leading modelling agencies in Bangalore.

The first thing every modelling aspirant needs is a good portfolio. Creating one is not very difficult. In essence, it’s an album showcasing the model in different looks. We have an in-house studio and you can make use of this facility to get your portfolio done. Our fashion photographers are creative and will shoot an amazing portfolio for you. One that will help you debut as a model. Leave the rest to Magnitude, the top amongst the modelling agencies in Bangalore.